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hotels in Athens, Greece

Leisure and business travellers both love Athens. It’s not a sprawling metropolis where the convention facilities are miles outside the city limits.

People will be immersed in the vibrant Athenian lifestyle, whether the venue is an historic museum, a converted gasworks, or a 5-star resort with distracting views of the Aegean.


Athens means great potential for growth and innovation, with an enduring entrepreneurial spirit. Democracy, geometry, astronomy, philosophy, and just about every other –ology or –osophy you can think of was invented here.

Now a fresh wave of talented creatives is drawing international attention to Greek fashion and design brands. International artists and curators are settling in Athens, eager to tap into the city’s new creative edge.

The digital economy, and a more flexible business landscape, have created a thriving start-up scene. Venture capitalists have been quick to invest in the city’s highly skilled software engineers and programmers, many of them graduates from Athens’ world-class universities. No wonder Athens was named European Capital of Innovation for 2018.

athens hotel budget classes

    Most Athens hotels change their rates according to the season. Prices are highest in the summer (late June to the end of September) and around Christmas in December. Rates are per room (not per person) for twin or double rooms.

  • Budget: less than 170PLN (€41 | US$50) per room
  • Mid-range: between 173PLN (€41 | US$51) and 505PLN (€121 | US$149) per room
  • Luxury: over 509PLN (€122 | US$150) per room

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