Athens 2023

where to go when you are in Athens? 

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There is no doubt that you won't help but fall in love with Athens, the largest city in Greece, from the moment you step foot in it. The Greek islands can wait; visit Athens and you won't regret straying from the path of other travelers!

Each neighbourhood in Athens has its own unique attractions and character. Explore the cafes you can’t miss in Exarchia, the vibrant nightlife in Gazi and the coolest shopping in Koukaki.



The Acropolis of Athens, often also referred to as the 'sacred rock,' is probably Athens's most widespread archeological monument of ancient Greece and one of the city's major sites. No Athens travel guide would be complete without it. Thousands of travelers and locals climb its steep hill every year to get a glimpse of Greece's glorious past. Since the Acropolis' establishment in the 5th century BC in honor of goddess Athena, Athens' patron and the daughter of Olympian Zeus, it has remained the most emblematic element of the capital.

historic centre

Most visitors would imagine the Acropolis to be the ‘historic centre’ of Athens. But just as classical Greek society centred on politics and trade, so does modern Greece. Commerce remains anchored in the triangle formed by Syntagma, Omonia, and Monastiraki Squares—the city’s ‘historic triangle’ that contains both the banking institutions that are the economy’s backbone and the one-man enterprises that represent its psyche. Politics is also firmly rooted here: Parliament overlooks the city’s largest public square and many key ministries such as Finance and Foreign Affairs are located here.

where to go outside of athens? 


The Peloponnese’s east shoreline and the islands dotting the Argolic & Saronic Gulf waters are popular tourist destinations in close proximity to Athens. Salamina, Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses can offer their visitors memorable experiences that include views of beautiful land & seascapes, impressive archaeological sites, museums, stately homes, picturesque villages and wonderful beaches.