Association of Credit Managers (Asociación Gerentes de Crédito, AGC) is a national non-profit Professional Association that was founded in Barcelona in 1980. It is the first association of credit management professionals that exists in Spain and represents the largest group of risk experts, among which are Credit Managers,as well as other professionals dedicated to functions of approval, management and collection of credits.

The foundation of AGC took place in Barcelona, when a group of professionals and managers of credit and risk management with related concerns decided to constitute a professional association in the image and likeness of the associations of credit managers that already existed in Europe.

AGC has more than 40 years of existence, and is one of the oldest associations of financial managers that exist in Spain.

AGC is a member of the Confederación Patronal Foment del Treball Nacional.


Asociación de Gerentes de Crédito  AGC

Calle Aragón, 287, 2º-2ª

08009 Barcelona.

+93 439 16 60  +93 617 711 533