FECMA Congress

4th Pan European Credit Management Congress

2019 was Brexit year for the United Kingdom and as the dust began to settle it became clear that all those issues discussed in Malta remained as relevant as ever.
With all this in mind, FECMA will be holding the 4th Pan European Credit Management Congress on 15th and 16th September, 2021 in Krakow, Poland when credit professionals from across Europe will meet, network and discuss. The Qubus Hotel is ideally suited to such an event with superb facilities and easy access to the heart of the city of Krakow.

Annual conferences, seminars, regional events and roadshows are a feature common to all national credit management associations, but international cross-border events provide a unique opportunity for all members and service providers to meet and share knowledge, understanding and experience. With that aim at the forefront, FECMA held the 1st Pan European Credit Management Congress in 2013 in the beautiful Hungarian capital, Budapest. Over 250 delegates and supporters from all over Europe enjoyed focussed presentations covering a wide range of credit management activities and came away with a much enhanced understanding of their profession in a much wider perspective than simply domestic.

EUROPEAN Credit Manager Magazine

Durign the 4th FECMA Pan-European Credit Management Congress, the special edition of the PICM Credit Manager Magazine has been published. Under the below link you can explore the valuable and interesting articles provided by the FECMA members, speakers and sponsors of the 4th FECMA Pan-European Credit Management Congress.

Enjoy reading!