The Hungarian Credit Management Association was established with the purpose of exchanging experiences of its employees in the credit management field of Hungarian companies, widely familiarizing them with credit management know-how and creating opportunities for professional networking.

The members of our association can share professional knowledge, ideas and ideas on an independent and independent platform and have the opportunity to find solutions to their questions in cooperation with foreign professionals.

Our goal is to increase the reputation and recognition of the credit management profession, which has a decades-long history in Western Europe, and thus to achieve a reputation worthy of its actual importance among other corporate specialties.

The crisis of 2008 significantly increased the role of risk management, debt management, i.e. credit management. Many companies have survived the past few years without difficulty, or even improved their market position because they have made business decisions with the right risk awareness and a healthy balance of business opportunities and risks.

The credit management profession is ripe for creating a self-organised professional forum independent of the sector, thus creating the basis for its future development.


The Hungarian Credit Management Association (HMCA)

1118 Budapest, Rétköz


Phone: +36 (1) 248