The AFDCC was created in 1970, and shows as of today a total of approx 1000 members. Members are coming from all fields of activity and from all geographical French areas.

In order to maximize exchanges under good credit practises and under business experiences, the AFDCC is organising a lot of meetings, seminars and task forces. This helps also to improve again and again our technical skills.

The AFDCC is the only one institute specialized in credit management, and trains around 700 credit managers per year. The AFDCC is also the only one organization to promote the function vs the institutional organizations. In this frame, we are invited to express ourselves on the legislation in France, and under for example the payment terms and Basel II. 

The AFDCC is a centre of expertise, and works under some surveys in France and also in Europe, to provide some international information on the goods credit practises. In this international scope, the AFDCC is also proud to be member of the FECMA.

The Secretary General is Vincent Bruno Larger, and the International representative is Jean Didier Clemencon

Contact Information

Association Francaise des Credit Managers et Conseils (AFDCC)

175 rue de Courcelles

75017 Paris


Phone: 00 33 6 140 20 95 74