Coronavirus Crisis Resources

Coronavirus crisis resources

The outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is causing economic disruption in many sectors including tourism and hospitality, education, property, resources, and international supply chains.

If your business is being affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) there are resources from FECMA members that can help.

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coronavirus crisis


The CICM is opening up two of its services to all of the credit profession for three months – the CICM Member Advice Service and CICM Update. CICM has developed its guide the Managing Credit in a Crisis tools and advice which you can access here. CICM will be adding to this DAILY.


This AFDCC website gathering all the measures which have been taken by the French government to help the french companies navigating the crisis.

The information is available in French only.


This is Polish government website showing all the measures which have been taken in the country to tackle the crisis in Poland.

The information is available in Polish only.


VVCM Netherlands is launching a page on VVCM website and blog where members can post questions and share experiences dealing with issues which are the result of the Corona virus crisis.

Svenska Kreditföreningen

The resources for Sweden are available at the dedicated governmental website.






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The coronavirus outbreak is already having a damaging economic and business impact, affecting everything from tourism to the supply of parts to the automotive and technology industries. Stock markets have been volatile and China’s economy – which makes up one-sixth of the global economy – is expected to slow.

How your industry was impacted by that unprecedented crisis?

Please help us to gather the feedback from FECMA members to better navigate through that difficult time!