ACMI - Association of Credit Managers (Italy)

Over the last few months the Italian Association of Credit Managers (ACMI) has been having a positive impact on the ACMI Rome delegation. First on 23 September the “Credit Management and Value Creation” training meeting was held. Then on 14 and 15 October the Sheraton Golf Hotel & Resort hosted the 21st National Congress entitled “Pro-active people for managing change and development today”. About 150 ACMI. Associates participated and among the speakers was FECMA Council Member Valérie Collot from the French Association (AFDCC).

Thanks to our Association, the role of the Credit Manager has been given a lot of exposure in the media. Members have been photographed and interviewed for the “Corriere della Sera” daily paper, the “Italia Oggi” weekly paper and for the monthly economics & finance magazine “Espansione”. During the first semester we had over 166 participants for the training courses in our head-quarters, not to mention the in-house courses we carried out in several major companies.

In July, we launched our new web-site which currently gets 200-250 hits a day. We have given our associates a Username and Password to access a reserved web-space. Here they can participate in the Forum, complete job application forms and reply to our surveys, such as “The current situation of the Credit Manager”.

In October, the new ACMI Logo became official. The inclusion of “Since 1974” announces our 31 years in business.

Companies are in fear of the current economic crisis and prefer not to rely on banks, after Basel 2. In contrast, they are becoming increasingly confident in both the professionalism and important role of the Credit Manager in Italy. The result is that new sponsors are interested in our Association. We hold monthly meetings for the eight sector groups in our head-quarters. The coordinators involve experts to discuss various themes; battling late payments, Basel 2, outplacement, budge analysis, corporate and bankruptcy law, international accounts principles and the DSO calculation included.

We send our monthly magazine “ACMI News” to over 2,500 companies and December’s edition was number 74. We have also been invited by several Company Associations to speak to small and medium-size companies on the work of a Credit Manager.

The President of the ACMI is Daniele Franciosi, the Vice President is Danilo Fornaro. Giuseppe Brocchetta is the new Secretary General, responsible for relations both with FECMA and the Press.

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